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How to do a video consultation with the Doctor

Firstly, you have to be invited by the Doctor.

Make sure that you're located somewhere quiet and private, ideally connected to WiFi (if you conduct the consultation over the mobile network, remember that it will use your data allowance).

Not all consultations are suitable and the Doctor will decide if this is the best way of conducting a consultation or whether a simple phone consultation will suffice.

1. The doctor will send you a text message. At the time of writing, we will inform you first - probably by phone - that a video consultation is being done so that you know it's from us.

Your text message will look like this:

2. Next you should click on the link in the text (underlined in blue in the image above). This will take you to the following screen:

3. At this point, you have two options. If you click "Open Whereby app", your phone will download the Whereby app and use that to enable the video consultation to go ahead.

Or if you click "Continue in browser", provided you have Google Chrome on your phone (if not, Google Chrome is a browser that can be used on Android and Apple phones, so you might want to check that you have Google Chrome installed on your phone beforehand).

Let's assume you've clicked "Continue in browser". You will then see the following:

4. The next step is important - YOU MUST CLICK "REQUEST PERMISSIONS" (in the purple box, as shown above)

This allows you browser access to your microphone and camera (this is because most phones are set up not to allow access to phone camera and microphone and both of these need to be enabled to allow you to conduct the video consultation).

When you click "request permissions", your phone will usually then ask you to confirm as shown below:

Click "Allow" for your phone to access it's microphone and camera (different phones may have a slightly different appearance to this - we're showing it on an iPhone)

You will then see the following:

That's it! The lady in the photo above is you. Ignore the "Share link to start meeting" in our photo above - the Doctor (when they join you) will appear below. To leave the meeting at the end of the consultation, click "leave" (the little red hand, bottom right)

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