Warfarin/INR clinic

Sister Lynne Jone

Sister Lynne Jones runs the warfarin/INR clinic

Warfarin/INR clinic - Useful information

Warfarin is an oral anticoagulant medication which "thins your blood".

People taking Warfarin need regular monitoring using a blood test called "INR". This stands for International Normalised Ratio and allows us to maintain the ratio within a set target range. It is performed by a finger prick test with the result available within 2 minutes so that we can adjust the dose of Warfarin accordingly.

The INR clinics are run at Pencoed Medical Centre on Thursday afternoon and at our branch surgery on Monday afternoon.

There are many factors that can affect the INR ratio including certain medications which are prescribed and those that can be bought over the counter. If you are prescribed Warfarin and have to take any other medication - either prescribed or purchased over the counter - you must tell the prescriber or Pharmacist that you take Warfarin.

Similarly, certain foods and drinks can affect the way your Warfarin is metabolised and cause the ratio to fall or rise.

A list of these foods can be obtained by visiting the website below.

Further information can also be sought during your clinic appointment.

Now a few important points:

It is vital that you attend your appointment as instructed by the clinic nurse

Alternative appointments may be arranged if you are unable to attend or need extra testing for hospital procedures or dental treatment.

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