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Contraception clinic - Useful information & Multimedia

Contraception clinic

We offer two types of clinic:

For repeat contraceptive pill checks and contraceptive injections (often called "depo injections"), please arrange an appointment with our nurses via the reception desk. Note that there is no need to see a Doctor for a repeat pill check, in fact it could potentially take up valuable GP time when our nurses are specially trained and perfectly able to re-authorise your contraceptive pill.

Dr Eleanor Garfield runs a more specialised contraceptive clinic  for fitting contraceptive coils. To attend this clinic you'd need to speak to one of the Doctors or nurses first and you may need a few basic investigations or swabs ahead of your appointment

The only services we don't provide are contraceptive implants  or sexually transmitted infection screening. However, the local family planning clinic will arrange contraceptive implant fitting (these are the implants that lie under the skin - usually of the inner arm) and the local GUM clinic at RGH or POWH will offer comprehensive screening.

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Teenagers and contraception

NHS Choices

Teenagers talk about contraception and an expert explains the contraception options available and shows how to use a condom.

Types of contraception

NHS Choices

Dr Tina Peers, consultant in contraception and sexual health, explains how teenage girls can find the right type of contraception.

Emergency contraception - Do you know fact from fiction?

We sat down for a chat about emergency contraception with members of Burgess Park FC. Find out what they knew about emergency contraception and what they were surprised to learn.

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