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Do you have knee or hip pain? New Joint Care Programme

"The Joint Care programme is a 12-week community based programme available to patients with chronic knee and/or hip pain with a Body Mass Index of 28kg/m2 or above (a body mass index of 25 to 30 is classified as being "overweight").

The programme is designed to provide patients with the information and support to help them to lose weight, increase activity levels and improve their musculoskeletal and overall health.

The Joint Care Programme is currently delivering in:

• Merthyr Tydfil

• Rhondda Cynon Taf

· Bridgend (Halo)

The programme offers a weekly 1 hour exercise session and a 1 hour nutrition session (Foodwise). Included within the 12 week programme is 2 practical cookery sessions. Pain management, behaviour change and goal setting are incorporated into the programme.

The Joint Care programme is free of charge. However, patients are encouraged to attend additional exercise sessions within the centre or within the community which will have a small cost attached.

Patients can access the programme by being referred by their health care professional".

*Unlike our other blogs, the above text has not been written by our team. However, it has been viewed by our Doctors and verified as accurate. It is taken from the following leaflets sent to us by our local health board:

NEW 2021 CJCP-Poster-Design-visualengwel16-12 (2)
Download PDF • 8.60MB

NEW JCP 2021 Patient Leaflet English
Download PDF • 8.57MB

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