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Our new appointment system

So here we are, week two of our new appointment system.

It's been months in preparation, training staff and visiting a practice in Skewen, where the GP Triage appointment system has been running for many years (and seems to be extremely popular with the vast majority of their patients). All of the GPs and key admin staff have visited Skewen over the past year to view the system in action and to ask questions about the day to day running of the system.

We've brought in the new system to try to do something about the long waiting times for routine appointments with our GPs. All of our Doctors are working flat out, without a break, throughout the day, so we were keen to look at ways of using their time more efficiently.

There were a few negative comments on social media from patients (who hadn't yet used the system) before it came into action, but reports from our GPs so far have been that the vast majority of patients have been very pleased with the new system.

It's still early days and we are still evaluating and fine tuning the system, but we hope that it will result in a better service to our patients.

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