Chaperone Policy


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The relationship between a clinician and patient is based on trust and chaperones are a safeguard for both parties at Pencoed Medical Centre.

The role of a chaperone is vital in maintaining a good standard of practice during consultations and examinations. A chaperone is ‘an independent person, appropriately trained, whose role is to observe independently the examination/procedure undertaken by the doctor/health professional to assist the appropriate doctor-patient relationship’ (reference to GMC Ethical Guidance Intimate examination and chaperones).  

At Pencoed Medical Centre, all patients will routinely be offered a chaperone, ideally at the time of booking their appointment, if intimate examinations are to be required. It is a requirement that, where necessary, chaperones are provided to protect and safeguard both patients and clinicians during intimate examinations and/or procedures.

All clinical staff may at some point be asked to act as a chaperone at Pencoed Medical Centre. Therefore, it is essential that clinical personnel are fully trained and aware of their individual responsibilities when performing chaperone duties. In addition, experienced administrative staff who have completed chaperone training can also act as a chaperone.

The importance of a chaperone should not be underestimated. Children and young people, their parents, relatives and carers should be made aware of the policy and why this is important.

As a patient, you can refuse to have a chaperone should you choose, and we will document that the offer was made and declined. If you request a chaperone, and for whatever unfortunate reason a chaperone is not available, we will ensure you can reschedule your appointment within a reasonable timeframe so that a chaperone can be available.

We are not currently offering video consultations. However, if an intimate examination is required to be undertaken via video, we will follow GMC guidance in order to protect you.

Regular training for staff and raising patient awareness will ensure that our chaperone policy is maintained.