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Taking the pulse of an older patient
Blood pressure reader

Our Services

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Who to see and how to book.

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Ordering your repeat medication.

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Where to find help

Where to turn for self-help health information and advice.


Submit an enquiry

For non-urgent queries or communication with the surgery use SurgeryApp.

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Nurse-led clinics at the surgery, and information on selected useful apps.

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Latest news

We'll provide regular updates whenever we can.

Other really useful information

Market Analysis

Patient activity infographic

For those interested in data, we report on the surgery's monthly activity.


Help us help you

Read how the Welsh government supports the Welsh NHS.


NHS Wales

Information and useful links about NHS Wales.

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Choose Well Wales

Health and health services information from NHS Wales

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PYB Health

Health information written by local Bridgend and Pencoed GPs


Our team

Find out more about our brilliant team.

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