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How do I make a private appointment with a Specialist?

Having discussed the matter with your GP, you will be given the name of a specialist (or you may already have someone in mind). If you are financing the consultation through insurance cover, you will need to check with the company that your policy covers the consultation and any further treatment (operation, hospital stay etc). Of course, this doesn't matter if you are financing the private treatment yourself. Most private consultations in our area are with specialists who do their NHS work in the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend. This hospital has a private clinic called "The Bridgend Clinic" (01656 754323). You must telephone the Bridgend clinic to make your appointment - we do NOT make private appointments on your behalf. The reason for this is that you can choose an appointment time that suits you best. If you wish to see a specialist who does private work at SPIRE in Croescadarn Rd, Pentwyn, Cardiff (029 2073 5515) you can do this even if you are not a member of SPIRE. As a rough guide, most private consultations cost between £100 - £150 (This does not include any further treatment or investigations).

Another option is The Vale private clinic in Cardiff or Sancta Maria Hospital in Swansea

Private referrals

How do I get a "Sick note"?

For the first 7 days of your illness, you need to supply a "self certificate". This is a certificate that you fill in yourself and is not completed by your Doctor. You can obtain a self certificate from your employer or from the surgery reception desk. Alternatively, you may fill in the form online and see further information about what to do when you are sick by clicking here.

If you've been off for more than 7 days, then you'll need what is now called a "Fit note". This is usually supplied by the treating Doctor and doesn't necessarily have to be your GP. It could be supplied by an A&E Doctor if you've been seen there, a hospital Doctor if you've recently been an in-patient, or a Doctor who has been seeing you in an out patient clinic about the condition that is keeping you from work. This Doctor should issue the note for the anticipated duration of your illness and may issue further notes at subsequent appointments or follow ups.

If you've been ill for 7 days and not been seen by another Doctor, then you will need to be seen by your GP to obtain a fit note. Please note that we can only back date notes if you've already been seen by another Doctor and we're in receipt of written confirmation of that consultation. We don't necessarily need to see you to reissue a fit note and we sometimes conduct reviews over the phone.

When you are well enough to return to work, you may go back (even if your fit note is for a longer duration). Please note also that you do not need a "signing off note". When you're well enough to return, you simply go back to work. If you are not able to return to your usual duties but able to go back to reduced hours, amended duties or a phased return, let the Doctor know and they can indicate this on the Fit note

For more information, visit the DWP website at Department for Work and Pensions. Our receptionists will be happy to advise you whether you need a note and how to get it.

Fit notes

How do I arrange a blood test?

Provided you've already seen a Doctor and they've agreed that a blood test is necessary, you will need to make an appointment with a Health Care Assistant for this to be done. Blood tests are normally conducted in the mornings and the samples taken by courier to hospital at lunchtime.

We only perform blood tests that are requested by our own GPs, so if a specialist at a clinic or outpatient appointment have requested a blood test, they will normally arrange for this to be done at the hospital.

Most blood test results are back within 72 hours, but there are a few more unusual or less common blood tests that take a lot longer. Test results are available between 14.00 and 17.00. Please note that we receive the results of blood tests arranged by our own GPs. If your blood test or investigation has been arranged by a hospital Doctor, they will get their own results first so you should direct any queries to them.

Blood tests

How do I arrange an X Ray

X-ray requests are made by GPs. If you live in RCT area, you will be given a form for the Royal Glamorgan radiology department. If you live in Pencoed, you will be given a form for The Princess of Wales radiology department. You take the form to the relevant hospital, usually on a weekday morning, and they will arrange for the X-ray to be taken. At the time of writing, these results take around 2-3 weeks to return to the surgery. Ultrasound and other scans are by appointment only, so the a GP will usually send the form off to the relevant hospital and you will be sent an appointment in the post.

If an imaging investigation has been arranged by a hospital Doctor, the result will usually go to them in the first instance. The X-ray department will not issue results to patients over the phone and any enquiries about results should be directed at the Doctor who ordered the test in the first instance (whether that is one of our own GPs or a hospital Doctor)

X Rays and imaging

I want to make a complaint

All complaints should be directed to our Practice Manager, Mrs Joanne Carter, in the first instance. Joanne's contact details can be found on our Admin or Contact page. You may contact Joanne by phone or in writing. We do not deal with complaints via social media. Social media, by its very nature, is not confidential and we feel that there are constraints with, for example Twitter character numbers, that make this an inappropriate means of dealing with this sort of enquiry. We welcome genuine complaints and causes for concern, however, malicious and unsubstantiated comments about us on social media will not be tolerated and patients may be asked to leave the practice if there is an irreconcilable breakdown in our relationship as a result.


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