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Latest news from Bridgend Carers

"So many people who are caring do not recognise they are caring" (May 2022 Contact Newsletter, Bridgend Carers Centre, pg2). That'a significant statement, isn't it?

A carer is someone who cares and supports someone who wouldn't be able to manage without their help ( This could a be a relative, a friend or a neighbour for whom life would be very difficult with the carer's regular support.

Bridgend Carers Centre is just one organisation who do so much to support carers. Their latest newsletter is available. Please take a look and see what's coming up to support local carers.

To all our patients who are carers, please do let us know if you are a carer so that we can make sure we care for you too!

Newsletter BCC_May2022Final_Compress
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