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*Updated* Coronavirus vaccination - information for patients

We have already started vaccinating our over 80s and at the time of writing, we may be calling up very large numbers of patients soon, as we receive confirmation of our next delivery. Patients will be contacted directly by us with an appointment - and this may be at relatively short notice in some cases - this is because we may receive delivery at short notice and we are determined not to waste a drop of vaccine, so if somebody doesn't attend for their allocated appointment (and allocated dose), then we may contact others at short notice to see if they can attend instead. We may put out messages on social media to reinforce this, but if you are to attend, you will be contacted individually and directly by us.

We thought it would be helpful for our patients to be able to access further information about the vaccines. Currently, we're scheduled to use either the Pfizer vaccine or the Oxford vaccine, although over the course of the next few months other vaccines may become available. Our team of Doctors, nurses and admin are on standby, ready to administer large numbers of vaccine (and, we should add, despite the busiest period in the practice's history, have also volunteered to come in and do this during "off duty" time as well).

Public Health Wales have produced Covid-19 vaccination information for patients in Wales, which they will be updating regularly. You can find that page here.

You can download an information leaflet about the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine here

You can download an information leaflet about the Astra Zeneca Oxford vaccine here

What to expect after your vaccination? Information for people who have had their first COVID-19 vaccination can be found here

NHS England have produced an information leaflet about the vaccine for older patients, which can be accessed here

On the day of your appointment

Please wear a mask.

Please arrive on time. We may be processing very large numbers soon and arrival times will be staggered in order to facilitate smooth flow. It is important, therefore that you do not attend very early or very late.

You will be told about the vaccine and asked to sign a consent form, so - although not essential - you may find it useful to read up about it by following the above links beforehand in order to familiarise yourself with what to expect.

The vaccine is administered to the upper arm, so be ready for this and dress accordingly. You will need to expose the upper arm and, weather conditions permitting, if you could wear clothing that allows you to quickly expose your upper arm, that would help a great deal.

Patients in receipt of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine will be required to remain in the vicinity for 15 minutes after receiving their vaccine.

We have a great deal of experience in vaccinating large numbers of patients (as those of you who have attended our flu jab clinics will know). However, this is a mammoth logistical task because of the large numbers of patients involved, the sporadic availability of the vaccine at short notice and limited shelf life. We are confident that we can do this, particularly working together with our patients as a team.

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