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Coronavirus vaccination

As those of you who follow our Twitter feed will know, we've just received our first few vaccine doses and have began to immunize our patients according to the priority list set out by the government. All of our Doctors and Nurses stand ready to immunize our patients as fast as we can be supplied with vaccine and, as many of you know, we have an established and efficient system that we use for the annual influenza vaccination.

The only limiting factor at present is availability of the vaccine itself, but we're expecting that to increase in coming weeks. We are ready to massively ramp up our vaccination rate straight away, as soon as we receive sufficient vaccine to do this.

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Please don't contact the surgery to ask about when you will be vaccinated - when the vaccine arrives, you will be contacted in turn. Please be patient and leave the phonelines open for those in medical need who wish to speak to us about a medical problem.

We will never ask for any bank details in order to be vaccinated and we are aware of a UK wide scam whereby patients are contacted by an organisation claiming to be from the NHS asking for your bank details - we will never do this, so if you're contacted in this way, please inform the police.

We know that there haven't been many blogs in the past 9 months. This is because we are so incredibly busy. Our team have been working extremely hard, putting themselves in harm's way for the past 9 months to give you the very best service possible. Some patients have said that it's seemed quieter because people are not waiting in the waiting room - this is because our Doctors and nurses have been phoning all of our patients beforehand, dealing with whatever can be dealt with safely on the phone, online or by video call, but bringing patients down to the surgery if there is a clinical need to be seen for examination. We never closed at any point and have continued our normal opening hours throughout the pandemic. Any patients who need to be seen are brought down in a staggered fashion and involves cleaning down rooms in between patients and clinical staff donning fresh aprons gloves and masks and "scrubbing down" in between each patient - this takes time.

We are extremely grateful for our patients' support over the past 9 months and have been inundated with very kind comments along the way. This is very much appreciated and helped to boost the morale of our team (Doctors, nurses and admin), who have experienced the busiest 9 months in the practice's history. If you've been happy with the service you've received, please leave a Google review - it would be much appreciated.

Please follow the guidance regarding mask wearing, frequent washing of hands and social distancing. Together we'll get through this safely and we look forward to a return to normality. Take care everyone.

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