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Dr Crane's day as WRU "Hawkeye" Doctor

Between working as one of the Ospreys doctors I help out during the home internationals with concussion management. I am located in the medical room at the stadium and watch the game from there, having access to a “Hawk-eye” system allowing several angles to be viewed. I look for potential concussive events by identifying a possible mechanism of injury or how the player reacts after being injured. If I suspect something, I communicate this to the touch-line doctor and we are constantly talking to each other about incidents we’ve seen or suspected due to a players behaviour. We look for events that might require the player to be immediately removed from play or less obvious ones that need HIA assessment which takes 10 minutes.

The video clips we get ready form a vital part of this process. We also have to track players back if the team doctor communicates they might be concerned about a player to try and see exactly what happened to them.

Rugby is a fast, contact sport and often multiple incidents can occur within a short time frame making the logistics of doing this a challenge! We have an operator who can quickly select the best views (there are 16 in total) and save them for later or to be used if a HIA is required. I really enjoy being part of a team that contributes to player welfare and during the last Rugby World Cup it proved a great success and not one concussive event was missed.

I always nip out into the players tunnel before the match to catch the national anthem. It is a real privilege to be there and I then have to quickly get back to base before the game kicks off. Enjoy the video that shows a brief clip of where the medical room is and my journey from the tunnel to get there. This was taken at Wales v Italy at Principality Stadium on March 11th, 2018.

All photos and video (c) Dr Tony Crane.

  • Dublin with Ospreys

  • Hawkeye Wales vs South Africa

  • Video Wales vs Italy 2018

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