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Dental and mouth problems

If you have any dental or oral (mouth) problems, please visit your Dentist first. If you don't have a Dentist, then you can find out where to find one here. Demand on GP services is improved if patients visit the appropriate professional for the appropriate problem. Some patients come to see us because they think that antibiotics will help their tooth problem, but not all Dental problems can be solved by antibiotics and some may need specialist Dental work (and, incidentally, if it turns out that you need antibiotics or painkillers, your Dentist can prescribe these for you too). You'd be surprised how much reception and GP time is spent trying to redirect patients to a Dentist when they've got a dental problem. That makes it harder for patients who really need us (those with asthma and angina etc) to get through.

As with medicine in general, prevention is better than cure and regular check-ups are essential for keeping your teeth and gums in tip top shape!

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