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Opticians - not just for glasses

You've got eye symptoms and you're wondering where to go. If there's a problem with your vision or you need new glasses or contact lenses, then the decision's easy - go to the Optician. But what about other eye symptoms? What do you do if you have eye pain or other problems? Well, for patients in Wales we have a service called the Wales Eye Care Service and if you have any urgent eye problems, you should see the Optician urgently, not the GP. This makes sense because Opticians, as well as being highly trained in eye care, also have much more sophisticated equipment for checking your eyes thoroughly. If your eye problem is serious enough to need to be seen by a hospital eye specialist, your Optician will liaise with them and sort that out for you without needing to involve us. If it turns out that your eye symptoms are part of another medical problem, such as diabetes or migraine, then your Optician will let you know and provide us with all the details we need to take things further.

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