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More information on our baby clinics

What is a 'baby clinic' and when does it happen?

More information on our baby clinics

Although we call this clinic Baby Clinic we also do all of our routine child health surveillance checks and immunisations here, so our "clientele" are not just babies but toddlers too!

This clinic is held weekly on Tuesday afternoons at our branch surgery in Llanharan.

Appointments for this clinic are sent from the Child Health departments in either ABMU or RCT depending on your post code.

A GP (usually Dr Eleanor Garfield), Health Visitor and Practice Nurse will be present at the clinic.

The GP will perform any necessary developmental/progress examinations.

The Health Visitor will weigh your baby, give advice and monitor your baby's progress.

The Practice Nurse will administer the appropriate vaccinations.

There is no facility to see unwell children at this clinic, so if your child needs to be seen because they are unwell, then you should contact the surgery for advice from one of our Nurse Practitioners or GPs, not this particular clinic. For obvious reasons, we prefer sick or unwell children to refrain from attending this particular clinic where newborn babies may be present.

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